Jade bracelet effect

People often say that jade can support people, and jade is also a kind of jade. As a result of good jadeite purity, no impurities, natural beauty, its benefits such as exorcism can be imagined. Emerald-encrusted gold bracelets are used in the office to show elegance, self-confidence, dexterity, and decentness. The emerald green jadeite will

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The bracelet chain is a kind of jewellery that is made on the basis of the bracelet.

The bracelet chain is a kind of jewellery that was changed into a bracelet. It has both the style of a bracelet and the aura of a necklace. The available bracelets are: Strap style, this early bracelet chain style is more generous, dignified, all ages. Watch style, it is characterized by the middle set with

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How to choose a ring

There are many ring merchants nowadays. The domestic diamond ring brands (including Hong Kong) are more famous with Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, CRD Ke Didi, Dai Mengde, Lao Fengxiang, Xie Ruijun, Kimberley, King Supreme, Hang Shun, Chao Hongji, Bulgari, Van Cleef & Jacques. Po, Kim Tae-fu, Millennium Star, Woodlands, Diamond Birds, BLOVES, Hang

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Earrings matching

In all jewellery, earrings are the most obvious and important face on the human body. Therefore, proper selection and wearing of earrings is a very important cosmetic science. Similar to the principles described in the previous section, earrings should primarily be used to ensure that the earrings are in harmony with the face, skin tone,

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Earrings for maintenance

Generally pure silver, pure gold, will not be inflamed, if the plastic daily clean and will not be inflamed. Many earrings on the market, including some brand names, are not pure and therefore prone to inflammation. Wait until the earholes are completely long before you pursue fashion. From the very beginning, earrings that are not

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Earrings use

Generally made of gold and silver, there are inlaid beads jade or pendant beads jade inlaid pendants. Modern earrings made of plastics or marble, ceramics and other materials are also popular. They can also be made of metal, plastic, glass, gemstones and other materials and generally matched with clothing. To some extent, earrings can show

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