Earrings for maintenance

Generally pure silver, pure gold, will not be inflamed, if the plastic daily clean and will not be inflamed.

Many earrings on the market, including some brand names, are not pure and therefore prone to inflammation. Wait until the earholes are completely long before you pursue fashion. From the very beginning, earrings that are not well-maintained are generally prone to inflammation afterwards, and it may not be worth the time.

Friendly reminder: general ring earrings heal faster than ear studs, it is estimated that with earrings earrings before and after the ring breathable, unlike earrings always suffocate the ear hole.

At the end of the sentence, don’t play too much in the ear hole. Remember the amount. Although there are people who love beauty, but too much is not appropriate, there is a reason that the ear is a sensitive part, there are many points, so it is still more cautious

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