Earrings use

Generally made of gold and silver, there are inlaid beads jade or pendant beads jade inlaid pendants. Modern earrings made of plastics or marble, ceramics and other materials are also popular. They can also be made of metal, plastic, glass, gemstones and other materials and generally matched with clothing. To some extent, earrings can show certain customs, beliefs, status, wealth and so on.

From a modern medical point of view, the center of the earlobe that is worn on the earrings happens to be the point of the eye. Therefore, wearing earrings has good curative effect on protecting eyesight, preventing and treating eye diseases, and especially preventing and treating myopia.

Earrings can give you different feelings on different occasions, lively parties make you lively, make you noble and generous at the banquet, receive awards to make you shine, in fact, earrings are such a magic, earrings can adapt to your changes.

Earring cleaning

With a small empty cup, put the earrings inside, and then take a bottle of carbonated drinks (Coke’s best). If you just opened the bottle, pour the cola into the cup and overwhelm the earrings. This time there will be many small Bubbles are on the earrings. Don’t touch the cup, place it like this for 30 minutes, and then take it out. At this time Coke has swallowed some of the discolored material. What you need to do is to take out the towel material wipe and wipe it for 2 minutes.

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