Earrings matching

In all jewellery, earrings are the most obvious and important face on the human body. Therefore, proper selection and wearing of earrings is a very important cosmetic science. Similar to the principles described in the previous section, earrings should primarily be used to ensure that the earrings are in harmony with the face, skin tone, body type, clothing, and use to achieve the best cosmetic results. Coordinating with face shape, skin color and body shape Gold, silver and jewelry Humble rings only pay attention to the coordination of proportions, shapes and colors in order to play a good dressing-up effect.

Inflammation of the ear hole many women, there are many women because of fear of inflammation and deterred from playing the ear hole, in fact, inflammation of the ear hole is also divided into several situations, some pierced the pus, some swollen like a bag, more is Because it has not been completely healed for a few months, it is very important to maintain the ear hole. Do not let the ear hole become inflamed and then confuse you. Show off your fashion, challenge your personality, let us show off together. Different colors.

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