Jade bracelet identification

1, through the weight to identify the density due to the emerald itself will be relatively large, we can put the emerald on the face in the hands and move a few times, I feel there will be a downward pressure on heavy feeling, may have this feeling is Really emerald.

2, through the hardness to identify the hardness of real jade is very high, we can use a sharp nail or a knife or other iron hard objects to scratch or scratch the surface of jade, if it is really jade, when the emerald surface will There is a sense of slippery and does not leave any scratches.

3, we can use the rope to put the emerald on it by tapping the sound, then pick up the rope by hand and hang the emerald hanging up. Then use a hardwood stick to tap the emerald gently, if it is the sound after the authentic tapping Very crisp.

4, through the color of the surface to identify the real emerald feels very smooth surface, and in the sun will look very shiny, the internal pattern is also very delicate and there is a cool feeling.

5. Observe the cut surface with a magnifying glass For some incisions, the emerald can be observed at the incision with a high-magnification magnifying glass. There will be very obvious irregular lines on the emerald cut surface, and the internal delicate structure can also be seen.

6, through the hot water immersion to identify we can put the emerald into the boiled hot water, after a period of time to see if the water inside is faded, or with a cloth emerald to see if there is no color fall, if it is Really emerald will not fall off the color.

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