Jade bracelet effect

People often say that jade can support people, and jade is also a kind of jade. As a result of good jadeite purity, no impurities, natural beauty, its benefits such as exorcism can be imagined. Emerald-encrusted gold bracelets are used in the office to show elegance, self-confidence, dexterity, and decentness. The emerald green jadeite will be displayed on the dinner party. It will be beautiful and attractive. At the funeral, you will choose Moyu; Free and long beads, let you comfortable, endless changes.

In addition, everyone said that jade is easy but clean and difficult to maintain. How does the jadeite be cleaned and maintained? Don’t look at Jade’s chain but it’s very important to be clean. Cleaning is very cautious. If you are in too much trouble, we can use a convenient method to directly purchase professional cleaning jadeite protection agent gently wipe. But be careful not to wash with detergent. Maintenance We can use a small brush to partially clean the top of the dirty brush, but this small brush must be very soft kind, if not it will brush the surface of the emerald, if not always wear when we can use with oil Wipe with a cloth. Place it in a dry place and wait until we wear it. Then we gently wipe off the oil on the surface.

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