Ring, a kind of ornament worn on the finger

A ring is an ornament worn on a finger that anyone can wear. The custom of wearing a ring goes back to ancient times. Different places have different meanings for different ways of wearing. The material can be metal, gemstone, plastic, wood, or bone.

European women began to wear rings in the 14th century. The finger on which the ring is worn is also said to be generally worn on the index finger to indicate singleness; worn on the middle finger to represent being in love; on the ring finger to represent engagement or already married; on the pinkie to marry. Another point worth noting is that the ring should be worn on the left hand

The first person in the world to use a ring as a token of engagement was the Austrian king Maximilian. In 1477, Maximilian met Mary’s princess. Messini was dumped for her beautiful appearance and elegant manners. But Mary had already married at the time of the French Crown Prince, but he still did not give up. In order to win the love of Mary, Maximilian ordered to create a precious diamond ring for Mary. Mary’s passionate pursuit of this carved, sparkling diamond ring and Maximilian finally changed his original intention and he married Maximilian. Since then, diamond rings have become a token of engagement for Westerners. However, in ancient Rome, the ring was used to make a seal, symbolizing rights.

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