The bracelet chain is a kind of jewellery that is made on the basis of the bracelet.

The bracelet chain is a kind of jewellery that was changed into a bracelet. It has both the style of a bracelet and the aura of a necklace. The available bracelets are:

Strap style, this early bracelet chain style is more generous, dignified, all ages. Watch style, it is characterized by the middle set with a large gemstone or a string of small gemstones, fine craftsmanship, elegant appearance, rich and beautiful. This style is more suitable for women engaged in performances, translations, etc. It is also suitable for women who are over half a century.

Fancy bracelet chain, with gemstones, but also not gems, and some gold and platinum materials, rich colors. This bracelet chain can be used for two or more. Put two or more chains together and connect them into one, which can be used as a necklace. There are gemstone bracelets linked to the chain, you can also constitute a pendant, necklace two-piece jewelry. People of different ages and different identities are suitable for use.

Up to 3 in one hand

Naturally carved crystals have the best energy. However, the general crystal ornaments have been sculpted and cut, and the strength has been reduced a lot compared to the original stone. The effect will not be great, but the amount of wear is also not much, and it is the limit to wear one hand. In addition, if you wear the right hand of radioactive crystal on your left hand, or wear the left hand on the right hand, it will disturb the magnetic field and affect the fortune.

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