Cautions when wearing a crystal bracelet

Caution points when wearing crystals

1, bath shampoo, heavy labor, sports activities, it is best not to wear jewelry, so as not to damage

2. Don’t contact with corrosive chemicals such as strong acid and strong alkali to prevent deterioration and affect glossiness

Touch the crystal with your hand. Natural crystals are usually cooler than artificial crystals.


Observed with the eye, unless the top AAA natural crystal transparent flawless clean, natural crystal bracelets usually have a cotton-like inclusions, this is not artificial crystal. For monochromatic crystals such as amethyst and citrine, it is usually necessary to observe its dichroism. Even the most advanced amethyst and citrine crystals have chromatic aberration. This method can be used to identify whether or not to add color. These are the simplest methods and they are easy to understand. Mastering these and basic to the general crystal bracelet can authenticate the authenticity.

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