Quality is the cornerstone of all our work at Miss Jewelry, and we want to ensure that the products we offer always exceed your expectations. That’s why we have strict quality control measures in place.

  • Suface
          no falling stones,no deformation,no scatches,no gaps,no color fading,no color difference,no silver-packaged stones
  • Logo
          clear,non-overlapping,non-repeating,consistent position
  • Stone
          correct specification,correct cutting,no damage,no loose sound,no color difference,no tilt
  • Size
          Deviation not exceeding one quarter
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  • Earrings
         The ear pin is welded securely
  • Ear hoops
         The ear clasp fits appropriately with proper elasticity
  • Screw-back earrings
          The screw ear studs open and close without any issues
  • Ear threader earrings
          The length is consistent
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  • Ear pin is welded securely
  • Ear hoop not deformed
  • Product size is consistent
  • Clasp avallable
  • Structure
          correct size,solid welding,no problems with opening and closing clasps
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  • Test Moissanite Stone authenticity
  • Check the stones and softness on the front of the
  • Check back welding
  • Check the functionality of the lock
  • Violent Test
          In addition to the regular testing process, we also conduct a simulated violent destruction process to test the quality of our products.
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