How to choose a ring

There are many ring merchants nowadays. The domestic diamond ring brands (including Hong Kong) are more famous with Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, CRD Ke Didi, Dai Mengde, Lao Fengxiang, Xie Ruijun, Kimberley, King Supreme, Hang Shun, Chao Hongji, Bulgari, Van Cleef & Jacques. Po, Kim Tae-fu, Millennium Star, Woodlands, Diamond Birds, BLOVES, Hang Shun, Bai Jue, Lao Miao, Asia One, Meike Diamond, Golden Elephant, Starlight, etc., how to be in many models of many brands Pick the right ring?

Wedding ring style

Women’s models are more luxurious and fancy, while men’s models need to be simple and simple. The most important thing is for the temperament of both of you. You don’t have to pick the most expensive and you don’t have to pick the best. The most important thing is to pick the best one.

Pay attention to the size of the wedding ring

The ring refers to the size of the circle, which is called the hand-inch, which is calculated by the number. Hand-divided into Hong Kong-style and American-style, China used Hong Kong-style. Most people’s hands are between the 4th and the 26th. The most reliable measure is to ask the clerk of the jewelry store to personally measure the two of you, or you can use the method published online to measure it yourself: find a string or a piece of paper around the finger Place a circle around the ring, use a pen to mark the overlap on the rope or paper strip, and then use a ruler to measure its length and compare it with the hand-inch table.

Wedding ring material

Couples generally prefer platinum rings when they choose their wedding rings, while the simple ones will also choose platinum nudity rings. Generally, wedding rings are made of 18K gold and platinum. The hardness of the wedding rings is high. It is convenient for inlaid diamonds and gems. Among them, the pure, rare and timeless love traits of platinum are the preferred materials for wedding ring setting. The eternal love. In recent years, wedding rings are often no longer merely inlaid with diamonds. Coloured stones such as ruby, sapphire, tourmaline and emerald are also popular among couples.

Deciding how to set the ring

Marriage rings are inlaid with claw, insert, clip, pavé and so on. Claw setting is the most traditional and classic mosaic style, and it is also the most popular mosaic style of wedding rings. In addition, several types of inlays can be collectively referred to as clawless. Diamonds are embedded in a ring and are easy to wear. They are not hooked on clothes and hair, and daily care is relatively simple.

Groom ring

When choosing a ring, the groom can choose the platinum wedding ring as the first choice. It will not fade and have excellent luster. It is suitable for all kinds of skin. In particular, the sensitive skin-conscious groom does not have to worry about allergic reactions because it contains impurities like other metals. If you feel that you are too high-profile, you can polish the glossy surface and sandblast it. The ring shows a matt feel. It is low-key and stylish.

Pair selection

When choosing the ring, new people should pay attention to the fact that you have selected two people to witness. It is the guardianship of your marriage. Therefore, it is of course necessary to select both of you. At the same time, it is best to buy two people together, because the wedding ring on the person’s hand type and hand-inch requirements are relatively high, only the wearer can see the effect, choose the most suitable for you.

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