Wear A Ring Of Stress

Wearing a ring is also stressful. This emphasis is not on written records, but on a conventional basis. The public believes that the left is the upper and the right is the lower, the left symbolizes dignity and strength, and the right symbol is gentle and considerate. Therefore, the people wearing rings have the distinction of “Male left female right”. In addition, the man wears an index finger to show his courtship, while the middle finger indicates that he is in love and wears on the ring finger to indicate that he is married. Women are generally not worn on the index finger, while others are similar to men. If any man wears a pinkie on the little finger, he clearly states that he is single. In the contemporary folklore, the emotional communication between men and women must pay attention to the position of the ring worn by the other party and respect the established custom. It is appropriate to get along.

The index finger is the most assertive finger of the five fingers. Therefore, the shape of the ring should be long and the gemstone should be large and high.

The middle finger – a finger with strong personality, plus it is located in the middle, so the ring worn must have a balance, square, cross, oval ring, will make the left and right balance.

The ring finger – considered the most slender, most beautiful finger, and its matching ring should be elegant, gorgeous, precious white gold, pearls, diamond rings are good.

The little finger – the smaller little finger should be chosen for the delicacy design of the gorgeous sweet sample.

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