The Natural Features Of The Hand Determine The Best Match For Which Type Of Ring

One, fingers long and slender and delicate

This is the best hand to wear a ring, any color, any style ring will shine on this finger. The exquisite ring can make the slender fingers more elegant; if you wear a thick ring, the fingers will look beautiful and beautiful under the contrast of the rings.

Second, palms and fingers thick large

When selecting and wearing rings, you should avoid using small, delicate rings. Because of the contrast between a thick hand and a fine ring, it makes the hand appear larger and the ring is smaller. However, it is not suitable to wear too big rings, because big hands and large rings will make people feel awkward. You can choose a medium-sized ring, preferably an inlaid ring, diamond ring, or jade ring.

Third, the palms and fingers are small

This type is not suitable for wearing large rings, such as rough ring, ring inlaid with a whole gem. A large, full ring will make the hand appear small. If you wear a delicately shaped ring, such as a small inlaid ring, it will reflect the fineness of the hand, making your fingers beautiful and lovely. Small handed people do not wear more than two rings.

Four, finger knuckle obvious type

Articulation is best to wear irregularly shaped rings, such as the “V” shape of the ring pointed to the palm of the hand, the use of visual guidance to increase the fingers. People with short fingers should not wear gemstone ring, square ring or round ring, and should wear a smooth line.

Fifth, the skin dark side of the hand

When wearing a ring, first pay attention to the color matching of the ring and the skin. Don’t wear emerald rings or emerald rings on your reddish skin, because the sharp contrast of color will appear tacky. You can wear warm embroidered jewellery rings such as rubies and yellow gems, which can be used to create a beautiful back-to-back color and a strong contrast with the back of your hand. This weak contrast looks harmonious.

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