Wear Ring Matching Skills

If the ring is matched with the watch, the charm will be greatly increased, the principle is: gold with gold, elegant and elegant, stylish and stylish.

If you are wearing coloured gemstones, be sure to match the cuff color of the bracelet, watch, and long-sleeved shirt.

If you want to overlap and ring, then you should pay attention to the ring, the material is basically the same, the straight line, the curve with the curve, the color and the rough of both rings are about the same.

If you want to wear two rings on one finger, you must use a simple style with a simple style, such as: V-shaped ring with a single gemstone ring; thick ring with gorgeous style ring.

If you want to wear two fingers separately, it is advisable to use the middle finger and index finger, middle finger and ring finger. It is imperative that the index finger and the ring finger do not overlap and wear the ring finger, because the middle finger will appear to be inconsistent.

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