Men wear jewelry taboos, mistakes are misunderstood

In this era, men have already had many people wearing jewelry to go out. Unlike men long ago, men were just in formal wear. But when men wear jewelry, they always care about what they want, not necessarily. Will care about the occasion, but in the folk taboo, if you wear mistakes it is easy to misunderstand.

1. Generally speaking, men’s necklaces, bracelets and rings should be gold or silver, and styles should be heavy and angular. The pattern on the necklace pendant and the ring should also have male characteristics such as dragon, tiger or “fu” and “ji”.

2. Men’s necklaces must be worn personally. The method of wearing a ring should follow the principle of women’s wear.

3, male brooches should be selected to wear abstract graphics or represent the beauty of the dragon, tigers, leopards, eagles and other animal designs, not on the lapels of the suit, full of males.

4, tie tie wearing a suit, the tie clip should match the color of the tie, the lines should be simple and neat.

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