Jewelry Manufacturing Process

Step 1. Our designer will begin to draw CAD design in accordind to the customer’s requests.

Step 2. Once the customers confirmed CAD design all no problem. We’ll send to open 3D wax spray

Step 3. Using the 3D wax mold to make master mold. (This is main mold of the jewelry products, it’s useful to make many replica jewelry)

Step 4. Taking the master mold to built rubber molds.

Step 5. Using the rubber mold to make many replica wax jewelry

Step 6. If the jewelry need to set the stones, it will need to micro cz setting the jewelry first.

Step 7. Once finished wax setting. Building the wax jewelry tree.

Step 8. Put the jewelry tree in a container

Step 9. Pure into high temperature lime on the gypsum container, the wax tree will be malting at the same time.

Step 10. Water injection and cooling the gypsum container.

Step 11. Malting the main raw material like brass / stainless steel / 925 silver / 14k gold / 18k gold etc.

Step 12. Pure raw material into gypsum container.

Step 13. Water injection and cooling it.

Step 14. Breaking the gypsum container and get metal tree.

Step 15. Cutting down the jewelry piece on the tree.

Step 16. Lapping

Step 17. Polishing

Step 18. Inspection     

Step 19. Plating

Step 20. Inspection again

Step 21. Shipment

If you would like to check the video about all process, feel free contact us by Email: sales5@missjewelry.com.cn

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