Wedding ring guide

We provide an all-inclusive wedding ring collection for women and men. There are several factors to consider when looking for a women’s wedding ring to match her engagement ring, or looking for a men’s wedding ring to match his style or to match his wife’s ring. Please use the following guides to help you make your decision.

Women’s wedding ring

Traditionally, the bride wears a wedding ring in the hand where is closest to the heart and then wears the engagement ring on the same finger, if you follow the traditional wedding ring. Need to consider how to make the two rings fit together greatly.

Lady gemstone ring

No matter the color is warm, soft or delicate, a gemstone ring will be the perfect match for your engagement ring. Many Blue Nile gemstone rings are exquisitely matched with a birthstone to enhance personal meaning.

Women’s Platinum and Gold Ring.

Consider a classic wedding ring in gold and platinum that can be used for life. Browse our ladies’ gold wedding rings and platinum wedding rings in varying widths to match your style and hobbies.

Men’s wedding ring

Today, men have an unprecedented number of choices when choosing a wedding ring. Some newcomers choose the knot ring that is matched by men and women. You can choose from a range of classic wedding rings or choose a wedding ring with unique details, polished surfaces or diamonds to suit your style and hobbies.

Men’s Platinum and Gold Ring

Our most popular men’s wedding ring is a regular metal wedding ring. For design elements, choose a well-designed ring, such as a ring with a saw-like piping trim.

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