Earrings, Also Known As Earrings

Earrings, also called earrings, are one of the ornaments of women in ancient times and often worn in ear jewelry.

In ancient times, earrings were also called 珥 and 珰.

In materials, earrings are mainly metal, and some may be stones, wood, or other similar hard materials. Today, earrings made of plastic are also used as materials.

Although modern dress is open, both men and women can wear earrings, but women who are used to wearing earrings are still more women.

Earrings, as the name implies, hopefully return soon.

As the saying goes: Do not wear your eyes when your car is not on your car, and the accessories you wear when your daughter is married! Implied meaning: often go home and see!

Earrings worn by women have a history of more than 2,000 years. Initially called “珰”, the East Han Dynasty Liu Xi’s “Release Name” said: “By wearing the ear and wearing beads, 曰 珰 。.”

Historical records say that at the beginning, most of the women did not stay in the path of women, and at times they actually slept with their husbands to escape and meet with lovers. As a husband, she cut a hole in her ear and buckled her two metal rings. In this way, the woman moves a little and the earrings make a sound, only to cancel the idea of retreat.

Another way of saying is that at the beginning, women did not have a virginality. As soon as a strange man passes by, a woman will step forward and take the initiative to take up an appointment. Early the next morning, when the man left, he should routinely send an earring to the woman as a souvenir and reward. The more earrings on the woman’s ear, the more the woman’s charm.

Later, after the changes of the times, earrings became a favorite jewelry for women.

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