Concept And Difference Of 10k Gold 14k Gold 18k Gold 22k Gold 24k Gold

People in daily life are very vague about the concept of 10k gold, 14k gold, 18k gold, 22k, 24K gold, and gold. Now, let’s learn about their concepts and differences. Gold purity refers to the content of gold. K is generally used to indicate the purity of gold. The purity of 24K gold is the highest, 18K is the second. About 18K gold, the gold content is 18/24, it means 75% also, the remaining 25% is other metals, such as copper, silver, etc. 24K gold means pure gold. The gold name depends on its purity.

The K representing gold has a direct relationship with the weight unit of the gemstone. “Carat” comes from French Carat, “K” is from French Karat, in French, both words are pronounced “Carat” and are easily confused. In order to distinguish that, the weight unit of the gemstone is “carat” and the gold symbol is “K”.

The gold traded on the market is mostly 24 K gold, 22 K gold, 18 K gold, 14 K gold and so on. In theory, 100% of gold can be called 24K gold, but in reality it is impossible to be 100% gold, so China stipulates that gold with a content of 99.6% or more (including 99.6%) can be called 24K gold. These K gold content is the general specification of jewelry, national gold jewelry less than 9K cannot be called gold jewelry.

Foreigners who don’t pay attention to materials usually wear 10K and 14K gold diamond jewelry. Can’t they wear 18k and 24k gold jewelry? The answer is: 10K and 14K gold jewellery is very popular in developed countries in the West, which with a market share of over 95%, while 18K and 24K gold jewellery are rare. Compared with 18K and 24K gold jewellery, 10K and 14K gold jewellery have higher hardness and plasticity, no wear and deformation, it can maintain fine patterns, especially after being set with gems, which are more beautiful, and show the precious beauty of gems. Create a variety of intricate gold ornaments and create a variety of shapes. In the old society, everyone wanna keep the value so they purchase jewelry valued more pure gold products. With the increase of understanding and the arrival of the new century, people no longer purchase high-purity gold products as a means of preservation and investment. More and more consumers agreed to 10K and 14K gold jewelry. 10K and 14K gold jewellery are loved by the fashionable consumer groups who pursue fashion and unique taste.

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