Black Friday Of Hip Hop Jewelry

The big Christmas purchases in the United States generally start after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Day is the fourth Thursday in November every year. So its second day, the fourth Friday of November, is the first day of American purchases. On this day, shopping malls in the United States will launch a large number of discounts and preferential activities to carry out the last large-scale promotion at the end of the year. Because shopping malls in the United States generally record deficits with red pens and profit with black pens, and the Friday after Thanksgiving, people’s frantic buying has greatly increased the profits of the malls, so it is called Black Friday by merchants.

The earliest evidence suggests that “Black Friday” was applied in a shopping environment the day after Thanksgiving. The term originated in Philadelphia to describe the heavy and destructive pedestrian and vehicular traffic that occurred the day after Thanksgiving. . This usage can be traced back at least to 1961. More than two decades later, as the word becomes more and more common, the popular explanation is: Black Friday is the year when retailers start to make profits, and the book is also moving from red to black.

Since the 21st century, some retailers in the United States have tried to introduce retail “Black Friday” to other countries in the world.

Every year on the “Black Friday”, both businesses and consumers enter a state of almost “crazy”. Many consumers regard this day as a golden time to prepare Christmas gifts or buy bargains. Many people line up in the middle of the night, or even set up tents for camping a few days in advance, in order to get what they want the moment the store opens. commodity.

For retailers, after years of frantic discounts to compete for the market, this year they finally grasped greater pricing power in the wave of commodity shortages. This also makes many customers have to think twice when making holiday shopping plans.


“I will definitely buy less things this year,” said Michelle Keldgord, who lives in Redlands, California. “Every time I go to the store, the price goes up, which has reduced my holiday shopping budget.”


The 38-year-old blogger said that she is considering taking her two children to Disneyland this Christmas instead of buying gifts on Black Friday, because it is difficult for her to find cheap items on her shopping list. These products include Cuban link chain for the son, as well as the daughter’s daily skirts, jeans, hip hop jewelry and so on.

As the first hip hop jewelry supplier in China, miss jewelry relies on a strong supply chain and free factories. We sell the most cost-effective hip hop jewelry to all parts of the world, mainly in Europe and America, to fill the loopholes in product shortages. Like Cuban link chain, tennis chain, and custom pendant, we all offer discounted prices on Black Friday. hip hop jewelry is a symbol of freedom and a sacred object for hip-hop lovers. The epidemic restricts our actions, but we do not allow him to restrict our beliefs. Miss Jewelry believes that the hip hop jewelry in the hands of our customers and consumers will always shine with this light and overcome the epidemic.


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On Black Friday, miss jewelry shares a happy moment with you.

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