An Introduction About Moissanite

Moissanite is silicon carbide produced as a single crystal. It is a physically occurring stone that establishes in restricted quantities in the earth. It was discovered during 1893 by Dr. Henri Moissan. Then this jewel was named after in his honor.

Also, Moissanite is produced through an original thermal growing procedure. Its method is quite complicated and it is carried out by only one company in the earth. Charles and Colvard produced Moissanite, which is measured around 9.25 based on the Moh’s Scale.

This product is an exclusive lab-created crystal with certain properties that most people imagine to see in fine jewelry. Moissanite possesses high quality product compare with CZ (cubic zirconia). Moissanite is not totally graded based on the GIA color scale. It is accessible neutral form that’s why it is radiant and high-dispersive. In fact, Moissanite ranges from 9.25 based on the Moh’s Scale, which makes it second hardest gem in earth. 

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